Some words about myself

I am a newly graduated engineer, and I spend all my time practicing and learning new things to continuously improve myself in photography and video making.

I come from a small village near Grenoble in France. Then I moved to bigger cities for my studies like Lyon. Although I enjoyed taking photos for several years, my passion for it came when I invested in my first camera, a Sony A7III.

Since I walk through the streets daily and have started to pay attention to what's happening around me. The aspect of capturing people when they have a natural behaviour combined to an unpredectible light are the reasons why I started with street photography.

On the other hand, I also love practicing portrait photography, which I found fascinating such in reflection state for shooting preparation that improvisation state during the shooting. Communicating with models, MUA and designer are also a source of inspiration.

I'm also passionate about fashion, so it's the field where I want to focus my portrait photography.